Meet the WLD team

Kevin Vu


Kevin, a Los Angeles native, has been living in Japan for the last 8 years. He's been rocking the luxury sales game for the last 6 years.

While the sales game is deeply encoded into his genetic make-up, these days he's been quite busy with overseeing the operations of WLD. His passion is music. His leisurely endeavors involve the Lakers and/or video games. His hobby? Collecting hobbies. 


Operations Manager

Sumi lives in Osaka with her husband and son. She was born in Osaka, her mother is from Osaka, her father is from Osaka, her grand parents... yes, you're right.
She used to be a live seller until March 2021. She is a typical Japanese woman that always says 'I'm on a diet' and never stop eating sweets. She thinks love is everything. Money or any other thing comes second.
'Where there is a will, there is a way.' is her motto.



Shipping Manager

Pearl is the photographer of the group, and also takes care of the shipping. She is the first French woman to join WLD.
Passionate about Japanese culture, she has been enjoying every moment in this country for 4 years.
She loves chilling on netflix or with video games, and going out with friends.

favorite brand: MCM, Chanel, Fendi

favorite items: Backpack, Alma, vintage shoulder bags, Epi/vernis LV



Peter is a mysterious and frightening international outlaw originally from Norfolk, Virginia. He has previously lived in North Carolina, Egypt, and New York City, and has been in the bag game since 2017. He currently enjoys travel, chatting with strangers, cooking incompetently, and Dungeons and Dragons. 

Favorite Brands: LV, Goyard, MCM, and Chanel

Favorite Items: Sac Souple, Luco, Cabas, Chanel Double Flap. Ancient bags, oddities, and broken bags


Sales Manager

Ben is from Colorado (everyone knows Colorado is the best place on earth) living in Japan for too long. He loves sleeping, bags and, the smell of fresh greenery. He hangs out with his family and goes rock climbing in his free time. If out need a bag from a well educated nerd let him now!




Cindy is from the land of down under Australia. She really enjoys travelling, eating/trying new foods and watching reruns of old TV shows on Netflix like The Big Bang Theory, Friends and Grey’s Anatomy. She is getting into the world of photography, better late than never.

Favorite Brand: Chanel, YSL and LV

Favorite items: SLG ALL THE WAY




Clément is a tall French guy, living in Japan for about 4 years. He's a newcomer in the luxury business, curious about this whole new universe.

He really is a geek. Do you want to talk about why the Empire is so cool in StarWars ? Discuss about video games for hours ? He's your guy !

Favorite brands : LV, Burberry

Favorite items : Unisex crossbody bags, like Saint-Germain or Gibeciere



Micha is our amazing seller from Brazil. You will be seeing her doing creative content, including videos of her with LV talking bags and magic tricks. She has lived in Sao Paulo, New York, Sydney and Osaka.

She's also responsible for most of the website layout! Tune in for her Video Sales, they are always fun to watch.