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Add These DROP Items to Your WLD Collection!!!!

Hi all!! We hope you enjoyed last week's DROP! What? You need more? 🤔

Okay, we hear you... ask and you shall receive...


As always, we'll give you a nibble of this DROP's lineup!

For this around, we have Louis Vuitton limited edition LV CUP crossbody, Lucille Lin PM pochette in cherry red, 6Key Holder, Compact Zip Wallet in DE, YSL pouch, Tiffany & Co. Ballpoint Pen, and Gucci Shoulder Bag✨✨

We bet you don't see deals like ours anywhere😏 Now don't forget to set your alarm for the DROP on September 22nd, Friday @ 6:30 PM PST!! And be sure to bookmark our site for more to come!

Items featured in the DROP limited-time sale! items such as Mini Lin Lucille PM Cherry Red Cloth Monogram, Cup Sac San Diego Blue Canvas Crossbody, 6 Key Holder Brown Monogram Matte, Compact Zippy Wallet DE, Elise Peretti Ballpoint Pen, Ophidia Crossbody GG Supreme

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