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Behind the Name: Introducing Louis Vuitton's Most Iconic Purses

Updated: May 27, 2021

Starting from today we are introducing a new segment explaining the origin of the names of famous Louis Vuitton bags. Please let us know if this type of articles interests you!


The sweetest one: Chantilly

For the first entry, I'm going to talk about the... Chantilly!

Authentic preloved Louis Vuitton Chantilly

Before being the name of a bag, Chantilly is the name of a city, north of Paris. Located in the middle of a forest, the small city's main tourist attraction is a castle rebuilt in 19th century. Due to the popularity for its equestrian sector, the city has developed an image of luxury.

Chantilly castle louis vuitton

Photo by Rolf Kranz

But the main reason for Chantilly's notoriety is its whipped cream!

In fact, "Crême Chantilly" is how French people refer to whipped cream! It is said that the inventor of the whipped cream could have been a butler of the castle of Chantilly, but nobody knows for sure the origin of this delicious French treat.

Chantilly cream Louis Vuitton

Photo by Freepik


The cosmopolitan one: Marais

Next we are going to talk about the... Marais!

Authentic preloved Louis Vuitton Marais DE

"Marais" might come off as a strange name for a bag, because it means "swamp" in French. But, "Le Marais" is also the name of a glamorous district in the center of Paris, after which Louis Vuitton named not one but TWO iconic bags!

This are however wasn't always the cosmopolitan neighborhood it is today. Until the 12th century, this whole district was just a swamp, which became first a pasture and then a residential area. But the name stayed the same over the years.

Photo by Maria Eklind

Nowadays, the district is famous for its well preserved and exceptional Parisian style buildings and its concentration of cultural venues and luxury fashion boutiques. Le Marais district is also a gathering place for a Jewish community, a Chinese community and the gay community of Paris.

It is definitely an amazing place to see if you visit Paris! Have you ever been to Le Marais?


The classic one: Alma

Finally, we are going to talk about the... Louis Vuitton Alma!

What is this iconic bag named after?

In the very heart of Paris, you can find the Alma bridge (Pont de l'Alma) but also the Alma square (Place de l'Alma) – landmark spots in Paris’ high-fashion district.

Louis Vuitton Alma bridge

Photo by Traumrune

On the Alma square, named after the Battle of Alma (itself named after the Alma river in Ukraine) in 1854, you can find a full sized replica of the torch of the Statue of Liberty, while the bridge is famous for its statue of a "zouave", an Algerian soldier from the French colonial infantry, which is used by Parisians to measure the floods of the Seine river.

Louis Vuitton Alma Square

Photo by Ignis

Unfortunately, the Alma square has been also known as the site of a tragedy that shook the world in the 90s: the tunnel located just under the square was actually the place where Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, died during a car accident the 31 of August 1997.

Nevertheless, the Alma is still a recognized classic and a great candidate for investing in a vintage luxury piece. Do you own one?


For next time, we will talk about Rock' n' Roll and antiquities! Some lighter subjects!

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