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Behind the Name: Introducing Louis Vuitton's Most Iconic Purses (3)

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Here we are with a new installment of our "Behind the Name" segment, in which we discuss the fascinating story of the meaning behind Louis Vuitton's bag names! Today we are going to focus on three of the most iconic crossbody bags the French fashion house has ever created: so grab a glass of wine and let's enjoy this journey!


The Popular One: Saumur

Let's start today's segment with a really popular crossbody bag, beloved by LV enthusiasts all over the world: the Saumur!

Authentic preloved Louis Vuitton Saumur

Long before being the name of this amazing double pouch crossbody bag we all know and love, Saumur was the name of a French city located South West of Paris in the Loire Valley.

View of Saumur France

Photo by Martin Falbisoner

If you are into French wine, you might be familiar with the delicious white and red wines (chenin blanc and cabernet franc grape varieties, if you are a connoisseur) that the city of Saumur also gave its name to. When in the city, don't forget to visit the wine cellars dug into the Loire's riverside cliffs for a unique gastronomic experience!

Wine cellar in France

Photo by Desroches

Another main attraction of Saumur is a big castle towering over the city. Initially built in the 10th century, the fortified stronghold has been restored and now houses a museum of the decorative arts of the region.

Saumur Castle Louis Vuitton

Photo by La Chiquita

Saumur is also renowned for its military horse riding school called "Le Cadre Noir" (The Black Frame). This fact probably inspired the particular shape of the Saumur bag, which is similar to a horse saddle.

Last but not least, this is the city where Gabrielle Chanel, better known as Coco Chanel, was born in August 1883! Talking about amazing fashion coincidences!


The Straightforward One: Trocadero

Next we are going back to the French capital to talk about the... Trocadero!

This amazing messenger bag takes the name after a really famous place in the heart of Paris, maybe you've heard of it!

Authentic preloved Louis Vuitton Marais DE

The "Place du Trocadero" (Trocadero Square) is one of the most recognisable landmarks of Paris, thanks to its wide esplanade that offers an amazing view on the Eiffel Tower! If you have ever been to Paris, it's almost certain that you took photo of the tower from this place.

Trocadero Square in Paris

Photo by Kollin Akbar

Trocadero Square dominates over the Trocadero gardens, a 23 acre (93930m²) green lung that spreads out along the Seine river. The centerpiece of the gardens are the famous Warsaw fountains, which offer a remarkable water display. On top of all that the Paris Aquarium is also situated under the park!

Trocadero Palace in Paris

Photo by Library of Congress

The Trocadero gardens have been home to "Le Palais du Trocadéro". Built during the World Exhibition of 1878 in a style that mixed the exotic with historical references, the palace served as a concert hall for almost 60 years, until 1937 when it was sadly demolished to make place for the World Exhibition.


The Elegant One: Capucines

The next one is a bit special: the name of the bag in this gorgeous collection could actually be referring to two different places in Paris.

The first one might be the "Rue des Capucines" (Capucines Street), where Louis Vuitton himself lived and opened the brand's very first store in 1854, before moving to the more famous Rue Scribe in 1871.

Louis Vuitton Alma bridge

Photo scanned by Claude Shoshany

The second could be the "Boulevard des Capucines", a street perpendicular to the first one. On top of being one of the most valuable properties you can buy in the French version of the Monopoly game, this street is one of the main roads in the French capital and ends in front of the wonderful Opéra Garnier (the one where the story "The Phantom of the Opera" takes place).

Louis Vuitton Alma Square

Often represented in painting or in photography, this street really has the ultimate "Paris vibe". It is the place of one of the most famous music-halls of the capital called the "Olympia".


And that's all for today's segment! Could you guess the origin of these bag names? Which one was your favorite? Let us know!

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