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Behind the Name: Introducing Louis Vuitton's Most Iconic Purses (4)

It's time for a new instalment of our "Behind the Name" segment, so here we are with new trivia about Louis Vuitton's most beloved bags! Today we'll be talking about three of the most elegant LV bags of all time and the beautiful French places they were named after.


The magic one: Blois

Let's leave Paris for a change, and find out where the name of this rare crossbody comes from.

Authentic preloved Louis Vuitton Saumur

Located on the border of the Loire river (Just like the Saumur that we talked about a few weeks ago), the royal city of Blois is mainly famous for 2 places: its Renaissance castle and its House of Magic.

View of Saumur France

Photo by Wolkenkratzer

Overseeing the city, this 13th century Château has been an important place in French history, having been the residence of several French kings, and the place where Joan of Arc went in 1429 to receive the blessing of the Archbishop of Reims before departing to fight the English.

There are four architectural styles represented at the Chateau of Blois, but it is mostly remembered for its stunning staircase overlooking the courtyard: shaped like a spiral, it has been regarded as an architectural masterpiece to this day.

Wine cellar in France

Photo by urban_lenny

Another place worthy of mention is the House of Magic, which faces the Royal Château de Blois directly. This museum showcases the life and work of the celebrated watchmaker and magician Robert-Houdin, famous for novel exhibitions and optical illusions of all varieties. Robert-Houdin is often credited as being "the father of modern magic" and served as inspiration for many of the greatest 20th Century magicians, most notably Harry Houdini.


The preppy one: Concorde

For our next bag, we are going to talk about the name of this beautiful vintage favorite: the Louis Vuitton Concorde!

Authentic preloved Louis Vuitton Marais DE

This rare handbag is as stunning as the Parisian square it was named after: the Place de la Concorde, one of the major public squares of the capital.

Trocadero Square in Paris

Photo by trialsanderrors

If you have ever walked down the Champs-Élysées, you probably ended up on this famous square, as it is located between the avenue and the Tuileries garden (we talked about this one too a few weeks ago! You can read about it here).

Photo by jean-louis Zimmerman

This opulent square does have a bit of a dark history though: in 1793, during the 13-month Reign of Terror a whopping 1,300 people, including Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, faced the guillotine's sharp blade on its grounds.

It was when this bloodthirsty period ended in 1795, that the square was baptized Place de la Concorde, in hope of more peaceful times.

Trocadero Palace in Paris

Photo by Greger Ravik

As you can see in the pictures, another famous landmark is the Egyptian obelisk in the middle of the square, which was a gift from the Egyptian viceroy to France in 1831.

Originally erected in front of the Luxor Temple in the city of Thebes, this obelisk serves also as a giant sundial: thanks to the metal lines and Roman numerals that adorn the square, you can easily tell the solar time just by checking the shadow on the ground!


The sophisticated one: Bordeaux

For our 12th entry in this series, we are going to talk about another vintage crossbody bag, the... BORDEAUX!

The wine connoisseurs are probably already familiar with this name as it refers to the world wine capital and the French wines produced in the region. But where exactly is Bordeaux?

Photo by Valentin Wechsler

This city is located in the south-west of France, approximately 600 km from Paris and it's the biggest city in France in terms of population. With its castles and vineyards, Bordeaux is a popular international tourist destination, famous for its architectural and cultural heritage with more than 350 historic monuments.

Louis Vuitton Alma bridge

Photo by filtran

Bordeaux is also the most culturally protected city in the world thanks to its outstanding ensemble of cultural and natural properties of exceptional interest for the common heritage of mankind. The city is additionally home to one of Europe's biggest 18th-century architectural urban areas, making it a sought-after destination for both travelers and cinema production crews.

Louis Vuitton Alma Square

Photo by Alberto Cruz

Bordeaux is also considered a very tolerant and relaxed place - no one will bother you about your political beliefs, religion, or sexual orientation. The cultural, artistic, and music scenes are very vibrant.

Photo by Roboppy

Bordeaux is often referred to as Little Paris and the rivalry between the Bordelais (people from Bordeaux) and Parisiens is a hot subject, so you may witness some heated arguments on the subject during your stay.


And that's all for today's segment! Could you guess the origin of these bag names? What was your favorite? Let us know!

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