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Get Everything You Want on a Budget with Our DROPs!!!

Hey Everyone!! We are feeling the cold crisp in the air here in Japan, but you know what's cooler and crispier, right? Yep, it's our weekly DROPs!!!

Now let's see if these crispy items are on your wish list😉

- A Gucci Plus shoulder bag for under $170!!

- A Louis Vuitton Tracks & Bags key pouch for under $130!!

- A YSL shoulder bag for under $500!!

- A Dior compact wallet for under $350!!

⚠️Under $100 pieces are in stock too!!

Want to know our crazy pricing on the Deauville and the rest of the lineup? Be sure to join our DROP on Friday November 17th @ 6:30 PM PT!!

WLD fall Sales DROP items of November 17th, featuring items such as: YSL Universite Shoulder Bag in Beige Leather, Dior Saddle Lotus Wallet in Stone Grey, LV Deauville in Monogram, LV Tracks & Bags Key Pouch in Monogram Canvas, Gucci Ophidia Shoulder Bag

Part 2 of items list of WLD Fall DROP, with items not limited to: Gucci Ophidia Clutch Bag in GG Supreme Canvas, Fendi Compact Wallet, Gucci Pouch in Metallic Purple, Hermes Bolide Pouch in Red

📢Just so you're aware, there'll be no DROP next week because we have a HUGE Black Friday video sale on Friday Nov. 24th! We'll see you all there!

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