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Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Well, we must say that we are delighted that WLD seems to be something you wonderful pre-loved luxury addicts want.

Moving forward it seems a few things are going to be possible in the near future:

1. More items per drop!

While we weren't sure this was something that you all wanted, it was something we really, really wanted to make happen. This is why we set out to offer a limited selection of items that we thought would be definite sellers. Now that it seems like WLD is going to be something that we can keep doing week after week, we're going to slowly increase the drop size and variety as our user base increases.

2. More drops per week.

This is something that we are going to have to build towards, but our ultimate goal is to be able to drop items more than once a week. We know that this week there is going to be two drops, but this ismore of an unusual circumstance rather than something we are fully ready to commit to at the moment.

3. A better designed mobile page.

This is another goal that we will have to build towards. Our analytics show that nearly 90% of everyone who came to check out WLD was on mobile. We'll be the first to admit that the mobile site could use a major overhaul. This is definitely something we want to work on. So please, bare with us until we have the time and resources to dedicate to getting you the best mobile experience possible.

So... let's talk about that last item that hasn't sold. We're not sure why it hasn't moved yet. The condition on it is amazing. The price, even more so. We're almost... hurt... so much so, that we've decided to do something that we normally wouldn't do. Use this one time coupon code "ZOMGSERIOUSLY" to snag this bag for a cool 10% off now! Act fast! This is a one time coupon for the last item from the drop!

Please don't forget that we've got one more DROP this week coming in less than 48 hours! Due to some feedback we've decided to try pushing this drop up 3 hours to 6PM Pacific. The biggest complaint we got on Sunday is that the drop was just too late for Central and East coast members. Let's see if pushing up the start time helps out at all! Thank you everyone for taking this journey with us. We've only just begun!

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