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Ready for Fall? Nah... Our DROPs Stay HOT!!!

The temperature in Japan has finally started to cool down a bit, but our DROPs stay HOT all year around🔥 Y'all aren't ready for this one...😏 Not disclosing the exact pricing, but we've got Keepall 55 under $500, Speedy 35 in beautiful Epi Green under $420, and so many more goodies for you all!!

Set your alarm for 6:30 PM PST on Friday, September 9th!! Get in line for our DROP at this time on our page!!!

Oh, last but not least, we'll spoil you with a small glimpse of some of the goodies😉

This time the DROP features: Prada Tessuto Tote Bag in Black Nylon Leather, Gucci Tote Bag in Black Satin Chain Print, LV Keepall 55, LV Agenda in Miroir, LV KeepIt Bracelet in Demier Azur, Chanel 6key Holder in Brown Quilted Cambon Leather and LV Cartouchiere PM in Monogram Canvas

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