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Soft Launch...? (coupon is expired!)

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Welp, after hours and hour of fine tuning, I've decided to go ahead and move forward with a soft launch! Woo... exciting.... except... crickets chirping... LOL!

Anyway, I figured that it would take time for this website to grow some wings and take off, so I can't say I'm surprised with the level of activity (read absolutely zero). Doesn't mean I can't try and urge you all into spending some of that hard earned money on my goods right?! Right!!! So... if you're reading this... here's a 10% coupon for ya =) pop in "readerrewards" (This coupon is expired, check out a more recent blog post for another coupon) without the quotation marks at checkout!

Getting that initial 1000 members is going to be tough! I've been slowly working at it for the last few days and I've only managed to get 150 people invited to the Facebook group. Of those 150, only 60 have managed to hop onto the website and make an account. We'll get there! I can feel it.

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