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The Weekly Lux DROPs Are Back!!!

Hey everyone!!! Guess what?!

The DROPs are back! Join us for in our first DROP in over 2 years! I personally hand selected all of these items and have slapped on some of the most insane discounts WLD has ever seen! The plan moving forward is to have two drops a week like we used to do, but to ease the team and all of you back into it, I'll keep it to once a week until they start to pick up steam again.

Not familiar with what a DROP is? It's easy! Every DROP, I will load up the store with timed exclusive deals for you to look at and purchase. No streams to watch, no social media posts to scour, just good old fashioned online shopping where the bags are available at your fingertips! You will have to be fast, though! I suspect a lot of these pieces won't last but a few minutes, they're priced so low.

Please join us on July 7th Friday night @ 6:00 PM Pacific here and get ready to have your minds blown!

Curious about what's going to be in the DROP? I got you, family. Check these pieces out in a little sneak peak below!

The list includes: Dior Saddle Coin Case, Louis Vuitton Pochette Ipanema Damier Ebene, Goyard Saint Louis Tote White, Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse Orange Graffiti Monogram Canvas Neverfull, Louis Vuitton Portefeuille Insolite Multicolore Wallet White Monogram, Chanel Wallet Red, Louis Vuitton Speedy, Gucci Chain Shoulder Bag Blooms GG Canvas, Louis Vuitton Io Damier Graphite

This isn't even half of what I have prepared for Friday night! I can't list prices until the DROP, but trust me... you're going to lose your minds when you see them!!!

Access the DROP here on July 7th Friday night @ 6:30 PM Pacific!!! Wait until the DROP time, otherwise you won't see anything on our shop! Thanks everyone, and see you then!

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