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Watch our prices fall with our SUPER FALL DROP: final part of the preview

Are y'all psyched for tomorrow!?!?

🍂SUPER FALL DROP 🍂 tomorrow at 6:30 PM PST!!!

Aaaand, we're here to give you the last part of the preview⚡️

Remember, if you miss the deal, it ain't coming back!!!

Let's take another peak at the pricing... shall we?

-Limited edition Louis Vuitton crossbody- Under $430!

-Discover Compact Wallet - Under $250!

-Pink Louis Vuitton Barrette and a LOEWE T Pouch - Under $150 each!

-Fendi Pecan Backpack is going - Under $225!!!

We highly recommend setting a reminder for this ➡️ SUPER FALL DROP at 6:30 PM PST on Friday, September 30th as we'll be getting crazy buzz!! Don't be late!!

A picture featuring items of the last part of the super fall drop including: Louis Vuitton Inclusion Bangle Bracelet in Hot Pink Floral Monogram, Louis Vuitton Pouch in Midnight Blue Empreinte Leather, LV Inclusion Barette in Rose Gold, Ferragamo Vela Shoulder Bag in Baby Pink Patent Leather, Louis Vuitton LV Cup Sac San Diego Crossbody in Blue Canvas, LOEWE Clutch Bag in Red Patent Leather, Givenchy Shoulder Bag in Brown Matte Leather, LV Cles in Red Vernis, LV Toiletry 19 in Monogram Canvas, CHANEL Pouch in Black, FENDI Pecan Backpack in Black & Khaki, Louis Vuitton Logomania Bracelet in White & Baby Pink, Louis Vuitton Discovery Taigarama Compact Wallet in Blue Monogram.


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