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Watch our prices fall with our SUPER FALL DROP: part 2 of the preview

Hey guys! Here's the second preview of our SUPER FALL DROP!!!

We'll let you in on our pricing a little bit...

From Louis Vuitton, Saint Jacques is going for under $250, a Cles NM for under $150, a Pochette in Damier Azur for under $450, and a Keep It Bracelet for under $150🍂

All Hermes & Gucci ties are under $60!!!

And a Gucci Sherry Line Tote is going for under $200😳

All the deals are one time only!!! If you miss it, it's not coming back!

SUPER FALL DROP goes live here on Friday, September 30 at 6:30 PM PST!!!

Item that will be featured in the Super fall drop 2023:  Keep It Bracelet Damier Azur, Cles NM Citrine Vernis, Sherry Plus Tote Bag, Tie Blue & Red Horseshoe Print, Tie Red & Blue Floral Print, Tie Brown & Beige G Check Pattern, Tie Blue & Maroon Stirrup Print, Soho Pouch Hot Pink Patent Leather, Kelly Beach Bag Orange Vinyl, Cannes Vanity Case Black Epi Leather, Pochette Accesoires Damier Azur, Round Zippy Wallet Patelo Saffiano Leather, Saint Jacques Red Epi Leather


P.S. The final part of our SUPER FALL DROP comes out tomorrow!

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