Balenciaga's iconic bag in the most useful color and the MOST popular series, 'The First'!!

Authentic preloved.

Exterior Condition: 
- Handles /Straps, Leather, Base: Slight day-to-day wear and rubbing but overall it's still clean.

- Corners: Rubbing
- Hardware /Zipper: Slight rubbing and day-to-day wear but zips great.
- Cracks: None


Interior Condition: 
- Stickiness: None
- Peel: None
- Odors: None
- Stains: None

Beautiful interior!


- Serial Number: 168028 2525 213048

- Extras: Shoulder strap, Mirror


Made in Italy

Balenciaga The First Hand /Shoulder Bag Leather Beige

SKU: Z05280SU