Iconic red matelasse looks really attractive. Take this with your travel or bring daily!

Authentic preloved.

Exterior Condition: 
- Leather: Scratch marks on both front and back, and top corner. Check in the photo! 
- Corner: Faintest darkening
- Base: A little bit of rubbing
- Hardware /Zipper: Great, No silvering and zipper works well.
- Cracks: None


Interior Condition: 
- Stickiness: None
- Peel: None
- Odors: None
- Stains: None

Hardware is also great!


- Serial Number: 3917664 - Made in 1996

- Boutique Sticker - 96.4.4 TT - April 4th 1996 Tamagawa Takashimaya in Tokyo

Chanel Matelasse Toiletry Pouch in Red Leather

SKU: Z05239CB