Authentic preloved luxury.


Exterior Condition:
- Handles: tough, durable nylon in excellent condition
- Nylon body: looks great, no tears or scratches, stitching intact
- Corners: no holes or serious rubbing
- Base: metal studs bear some green oxidation
- Hardware/Zipper: durable, matte silver with minute tarnish
- Rubbing: none
- Cracks: none

Interior Condition:
- Stickiness: none
- Peel: none
- Odors: none
- Stains: some color transfer towatrds the zipper line, giving it a very light, fun, and vibrant gold color; contrasts well with the unique rust-colored lining.


-Designer: Chanel


Chanel Travel Line Boston Bag in Black Nylon

SKU: Z07085