Christian Dior Trotteur Boston Bag in Signature Canvas

Exterior Condition:
- Handles: slight rubbing but still firm and strong
- Canvas: cotton canvas in excellent condition; slight fading of white with time; natural
-Leather: navy blue leather in great condition; slight dryness and rubbing
- Corners: faint rubbing on base corners - hardly noticeable
- Base: great condition
- Glazing: slight dryness with time but still intact
- Hardware/Zipper: slight tarnish on zipper but still great; zipper pull also looks good
- Cracks: NONE
-Piping: some small cracks in the middle of the piping

Interior Condition:
- Stickiness: none
- Peel: none
- Odors: storage smell, nothing terrible
- Stains: light orange stains throughout, large watermark in one corner


-Designer: Christian Dior
-Date Code/Serial Number: 

Authentic preloved luxury

Dior Trotteur Boston Bag in Signature Canvas

SKU: Z07371MN