Would you like a Deauville?  Of course you would!

Exterior condition:
Condition on exterior is fantastic! The canvas is beautiful, the leather is great with slight day-to-day wear, the hardware is amazing!

Interior condition:

Interior is clean!

-Designer: Louis Vuitton

-Material: Monogram coated canvas with vachetta leather trim
-Measurements: 14" L x 6" W x 11" H

-Date Code/Serial Number: The date codes on the Deauville is printed on the backside of the "Made in" tag and for the most part is always illegible.



WLD's Notes


The Louis Vuitton Deauville is a larger version of the Trouville and it has been designed to be a vanity case to keep your beauty products organized when traveling. With its washable interior, the four compartment pockets can be used hold anything from bottles to cosmetics to brushes and much more; making it an incredibly versatile and sturdy every day bag. 


Made from LV’s trademark Monogram canvas, which is waterproof, scuff proof and tear proof, the Deauville is an exceptionally durable bag and will be a loyal companion for both your daily errands and your more adventurous endeavours.

Louis Vuitton Deauville in Monogram Canvas

SKU: KV00575