Fancy is the first word that comes to mind when one of these Epi Leather Pochettes fly by you. This one is a beautiful grab for the right price.


The canvas feels crisp and firm, nothing noteworthy pops up and it's only showing small amounts of daily wear.
The stitching is great and all in place, the zipper is running smooth with no damage to the metal.
The strap looks great and is not splitting anywhere.
This release of the pochette didn't come with a D ring and the strap is clipped to the zip.



There are a couple of small markings on the bottom of this, specifically one 3-4cm black line on the bottom. Aside from this mark there are only a couple of very small ones and you're standard daily wear.

No significant odour.


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Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoires in Red Epi Leather

SKU: KD00037