Exterior Condition:
- Handles: dry peel and rubbing, but still firm
- Canvas: no tears or cracks; brown spots from age; black discoloration on some parts; the green and red band bears slight brown discoloration on a few areas.
-Leather: piping has some rubbing; bands have some rubbing and scratches; leather along the zipper line also has some minor scratches
- Corners: rubbing on piping
- Base: no major damage or stains, just slight rubbing on bands
- Hardware/Zipper: slight silvering and tarnishing on D-rings; zipper a tarnished brown.
- Cracks: None.

Interior Condition:
- Stickiness: none
- Peel: none
- Odors: just slight storage smell
- Stains: light brown specks dot the bottom of the fabric

Authentic preloved luxury

Gucci Sherry Line Boston Bag in GG Supreme Diamante Canvas

SKU: Z06858