Exterior Condition:
- Handles: great condition with only minor rubbing and no cracks; stitching intact
- Canvas: looks great, no cracks or tears; some tiny brown marks here and there

-Leather: nice honey color; darkening in some spots from natural wear
- Tailtags: good condition, slight darkening
- Piping: dark spots in some areas, slight rubbing
- Base: canvas on the bottom in good condition, minimal brown stains; leather surrounding it bears rubbing where white can be seen
- Hardware/Zipper: tarnish on rings between handles and slight paint chip on zippers
- Rubbing: piping and leather surrounding base
- Cracks: NONE

Interior Condition:
- Stickiness: none
- Peel: none
- Odors: slight storage smell; be sure to air it out
- Stains: one slight streak on the side and a watermark at the bottom

Authentic preloved luxury

Gucci Sherry Line Vintage Luggage Tote in Coated GG Canvas

SKU: Z07041MN