This Keepall is a fantastic size for a lengthy getaway. there's an incredible amount of room available without any class sacrificed.
Also included is the bandouliere strap to keep your hands free when you're on the move.

Looks great on the canvas side of things, no fading, marks or damage to note, the color of the canvas really stands out and I’ve got to stress that there's no fading on it.
The leather has some wear across the board, mostly just some darkening, slight cracking and some peeling. There's no significant damage on the leather,

The handles are in good condition with just a small amount of fraying on the stitching, the handles are still firm and strong overall.
the zippers still run with, they are a smidge tight but nothing overly concerning.

The strap is actually in excellent condition only shows small amounts of wear, no cracking or fraying of the stitching.


No stains or markings are visible, the stitching looks good and there's no apparent odour noticeable.


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Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandouliere 60 in Monogram Canvas

SKU: KD00017