Edgy long zippy wallet with multicolored spikes to elevate your usual simple wallet.

Exterior Condition:
- Handles/Straps: N/A
- Canvas/leather/vernis: Clean white with one tiny orange mark
- Vachetta: N/A
- Corners: Smooth with no rubbing
- Base: N/A
- Glazing: Smooth with no rubbing
- Hardware/Zipper: Solid and bright with two small stains on the zipper lining
- Rubbing: Minor rubbing on some spikes
- Cracks: None!

Interior Condition: Beautiful clean bright red
- Stickiness: None!
- Peel: None!
- Odors: None!
- Stains: Minor signs of coin residue in zipper pocket, otherwise clean

- Date Code/Serial Number:

Louboutin Long Wallet in Rainbow Spiked Leather

SKU: Z06992