Louboutin Long Zippy Wallet in Spiked Rainbow Canvas - WOW! This wallet is so loud you can hear it coming from down the street. Authentic Preloved.
Exterior Condition:
- Handles/Straps: N/a
- Canvas/leather/vernis: Excellent
- Vachetta: N/a
- Corners: Some wear at either end of the zipper, as well as the corners.
- Base: Excellent
- Glazing: Minor signs of wear
- Hardware/Zipper: Excellent
- Rubbing: Minimal along edges
- Cracks: none

Interior Condition:
- Stickiness: none
- Peel: none
- Odors: none
- Stains: Some signs of coinage in coin purse

- Date Code/Serial Number: N/a

Louboutin Zippy Long Wallet in Spiked Rainbow Canvas

SKU: Z06638