This wallet has an excellent design! Compact, but expands nicely for extra space when full. Not to mention it will never get lost or stolen with this wonderful LV chain!


Exterior Condition: The canvas on this piece is looking great with a very bright Monogram print. There is very light day-to-day wear, but nothing too serious or specific. No cracking or threading. 

Interior Condition: Overall the interior is looking very nice and clean with only slight day-to-day wear. The only thing to tell you about is there is some wear on the inside/top of the zipper pocket caused by the zipper rubbing against the interior. Its a very well hidden design flaw, and doesn't detract from the overall beauty of this piece. 


Date Code: TH 2047 - Made in France, 24th week of 2007

Louis Vuitton Accordion Long Wallet with Chain

SKU: Z00807