Agenda MM for 2021!

Enjoy this gorgeous color contrast with Epi red, black interior and gold rings!


Exterior Condition: 
- Leather: Looking fantastic. Just tiny dot marks on the left bottom on the back.
- Corners: Clean. No rubbing.
- Glazing: Beautiful!
- Hardware/Zipper: Slight day-to-day wear on the rings. Button snaps.
- Cracks: None


Interior Condition: 
- Stickiness: None.
- Peel: None, just a drypeel in the right pocket
- Odors: None
- Stains: None


- Date Code/Serial Number: 

SP0975 - Made in France, July of 1995



Ruler but not LV's.

Louis Vuitton Agenda MM in Red Epi Leather

SKU: Z03946