Nice and Roomy Shoulder bag in super gorgeous Damier Ebene Canvas! The Chelsea has a lot of structure and will be perfect for your new every day bag!

Exterior Condition: 
- Handles: Nice and whole, some rubbing wear on the tops
- Canvas: Clean, bright print. No heavy marks or stains
- Leather: Accents do have some hints of wear but are whole
- Corners: Tiny bit of exposure
- Base: Clean
- Hardware/Zipper: Gold tone and smooth
- Rubbing: On the corners and handles
- Cracks: tiny ones on inside side folds by the leather bands

Interior Condition: 
- Odors: Faint hint of perfume
- Stains: A spill mark on the interior, can be washed out

- Date Code: DK1195

Authentic preloved luxury

Louis Vuitton Chelsea in Damier Ebene Canvas

SKU: Z06112MK