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Exterior Condition: The canvas on this piece is looking very nice with a bright Monogram print. There is one small hairline to the right of the magnetic lock, but it is hardly noticable at all. Another hairline on the back where the bag folds open, but again it is super tiny and completely hidden when the bag is in use (See pics). There is some light day-to-day wear on the gold emblem and a tiny bit of slivering on the edges of it, but nothing too serious. The leather accents and strap are in wonderful condition.


Interior Condition: The interior is very clean with no stains or damage. There is a very subtle perfume smell, but it isn't bad at all and you can always air it out. 


Date Code: DU5112 - Made in France, 51st week of 2012


Louis Vuitton Favorite MM

SKU: LC064
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