Ohhh here's a special, almost impossible to find DE piece! Easy carry, clip on belt bag?! Oh wow!! Hidden pockets!


Exterior Condition: Stunning. Canvas is crisp and fresh, and the print. Oh what gorgeous DE print. This bag barely has a mark of use anywhere to note. we're looking at it high and low, and all over this bag is just so good. The end of the zipper rail has a tiny bit of stress-point wear to it, possibly a future hairline, but so tiny you almost need a macro lens to pick it up. The edge of the pocket where the date code is has been pulled back causing the canvas to separate a bit. Otherwise the belt, canvas, corners, buckle and zipper look good enough to eat. 


Interior Condition: Clean.  


Date Code: CA1025 - Made in France, December of 2005

Louis Vuitton Geronimo DE

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