This Keepall is a vintage piece but Epi leather is still in a good condition! 

Authentic preloved.

Exterior Condition: 
- Handles: A few wear and water mark but still glossy and solid. Glazing is clean, chapes are strong.
- Leather: Some rubbing marks and darkening on the surface. Otherwise beautiful.
- Corners: Faint rubbing
- Base: Clean
- Hardware /Zipper: Very light day-to-day wear. Runs good.
- Cracks: None


Interior Condition: 
- Stickiness: None
- Peel: None
- Odors: None
- Stains: None

Faint used wear on the interior.


- Date Code: VI8909 - Made in France, September 1989

- Extras: Luggage Tag, Handle Structure - Some wear on the handle structure.

Louis Vuitton Keepall 45 in Red Epi Leather

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