This is THE travle bag! The largest carry-on bag you can use. This piece from '87 is fantastic. There is no travle bag that can compare to the Keepall 55. Period.


Exterior Condition:

This bag is in really nice vintage condition. The cavas is looking excellent. No cracking or damage. The Monogram print is practically jumping off the canvas. The leather accents have some day-to-day wear, but nothing too major. The handles are strong and the hardware is working great. 


Interior Condition:

The interior is looking good. There are some very slight blemishes, but nothing too serious. the stitching on two of the interior tabs has come undone, but its does nothing to affect the functionality of the bag, purely superficial and something you will hardle ever notice at all. No odors, or major stains. Check out these pics and see how you feel!


Date Code:


Louis Vuitton Keepall 55

SKU: Z00024

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