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LDE Corp. 古物営業法に基づく古物商の許可を得ております

古物営業許可 [大阪府公安委員会許可


This is a wonderful and hard to find piece folks. You dont want to miss the opportunity to add this one to your collection!

Exterior Condition: This piece is looking fantastic! There is some light day-to-day wear on a couple of the corners, but like your favorite pair of jeans, this piece looks even better with a bit of wear! But still, the wear that is there is very sublte and blends very well with the design of the bag. Its hard to tell that its even there. The leather accents are in great condition, as is the hardware. This one has it where it counts!


Interior Condition: The inteiror of this piece is looking excellent. No stains or odors. Nothing negative to say at all.

Date Code: TH0077 - Made in France, July of 2007

Louis Vuitton Baggy PM Denim

SKU: Z00822