This Speedy... just WOW...


Exterior Condition: The canvas on this Speedy is looking good with very light day-to-day wear, and no cracking, or theading. There is one spot of wear on the top corner which you can see from the pics. The leather accents also have some day-to-day wear on them, but overall are in good shape. There is a small crack on the zipper pull around the button, but the pull is still attached. Zipper is running smooth. 


Interior Condtion: The inteiror has very light day-to-day wear. There is one water spot and a couple very tiny beauty marks. There is some wear caused by the zipper opening and closeing which you can see in the pics, but it is well hidden and not something you would notice unless searching for it. The coating on the interior pocket has begun to peel. No oders.


Date Code: SP0087 - Made in France, August of 2007

Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 in DA

SKU: Z01036

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