Amazing conditions Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch 15 in Monogram canvas.

Exterior Condition: 

- Canvas: Amazing condition, shiny and beautiful
- Corners: Great condition
- Base: Great Condition
- Hardware/Zipper: Working smoothly, beautiful gold tone
- Rubbing: None
- Cracks: None

Interior Condition: 
- Stickiness: None
- Peel: None 
- Odors: None 
- Stains: Very small wear marks

- Date Code: MB0032


The Toiletry 15 might be Louis Vuitton's smallest Toiletry pouch. This one item comes in Monogram canvas, but it has also been released in Epi and Damier canvas. Compact, light and with a washable lining, it is the perfect practical accessory for traveling. It's a great choice for storing your keys, toiletries, accessories, coins or other small items.  Traveling is already tiring enough, why not do it smartly and with style?

Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch 15 Monogram Canvas

SKU: Z03625