This is the little sister of the Deauville, which was origianlly designed as a travel bag for stylists. This one is just a tad bit smaller, but still offers plentiful and unique stroage space! Also, this piece has the hardware to accomodate a strap!


Exterior Condition: This piece is in excellent condition for its age. The canvas is looking pristine with a crisp Monogram print. The leather accents are in excellent condition. There is one small bit of water wear on one side, but it gives this piece a charming character. Apart from that, this piece is in absolutely excellent condition! 


Interior Condition: The inteiror on this piece is very clean. I can't find a single thing to warn you about. One this to know about Trouvilles and Deauvilles is that they have a wax coating that kind of smells like a box of crayons. Its nothing foreign to this bag, nor is it an unpleasent odors, its simply the way the Trouville and Deauville smell.


Date Code: BA0064 - Made in France, June of 2004

Louis Vuitton Trouville

SKU: Z00934

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