This vintage Chantilly just turned 34 this month and is still looking fantastic!


Exterior Condition: The canvas on this piece is looking great with a vibrant Monogram print! There is zero cracking or threading. The leather accents have a rich patina and light vintage day-to-day wear. There is some wear on the the strap just above the chapes, but the strap still feels like it is holding strong. This bag is very light so there wont be too much pressure on the straps in the future even when full. 


Interior Condition: The interior is looking great with only a few very minor blemishes on the very bottom of the bag that will be nicely hidden when in use. This one is such a steal because there is some dry peel happening on th interior pocket. This is extremely common for vintage Chantillys to have. If you avoid the interior pocket, you have yourself one absolutely stunning bag!


Date Code: 863 VI - Made in France, March of 1986.

Louis Vuitton Vintage Chantilly PM

SKU: Z01208