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Just WOW! It is so hard to find a vintage piece is this kind of outstanding condition! I can hardly believe my eyes!!


Exterior Condition: This piece is looking excellent! The Epi Leather is in simply marvelous condition. There are very few signs of wear anywhere to be found on this piece. One tiny blemish on the canvas that is super hard to find. One small crease on the underside of the bag, and some creasing around the rim which is very common based on the design. The strap is looking fantastic. Overall a truely spectacular vintage find!


Interior Condition: The interior is very clean. The slightest bit of day-to-day wear, but no stains or odors.


Date Code: AR0926 - Made in France, February of 1996

Louis Vuitton Vintage Noe in Epi Red

SKU: A00234