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WOW! I can barely believe what im seeing here. This Sac Shopping is turn 20 this year and is looking absolutely amazing!! If I were to guess, I would say this bag has never been used a day in its life.


Exterior Condition: This piece defys all reason. It looks that good. From the canvas, to the leather accents, there are very very few sign of wear to be found on this piece. There is a small hairline on one of the handles, but that is the only thing I can really find to tell you about. Excellent vintage condition.

Interior Condition: The interior is looking as good as the exterior. VERY clean interior with zero stains or odors. There is one very tiny hairline on the fold which is a design flaw. Not something you would ever notice unless you knew to look for it. Overall this one is in excellent condition inside and out.


Date Code: MB0060 - Made in France, June of 2000

Louis Vuitton Vintage Sac Shopping 48

SKU: Z00810