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This vintage Saumur 30 is coming to you from the year 1998. A great crossbody with two sides that offer tons for storage space, safty, and organization.


Exterior Condition:

The exterior is in decent vintage condition. The canvas is looking great with no cracking or damage. The Monogram print is nice and bright. The leather accents have a decent amount of day-to-day wear. The strap has some cracks near where they connect to the bag, but the strap itself is still strong. 


Interior Condition:

The interior is looking good for the most part. There is one small blemish in the bottom of one of the sides which you can see from the pics, but besides that everything is looking fine. No damage or odors. 


Date Code:

MB 0918

Louis Vuitton Vintage Saumur 30

SKU: KV00610