This vintage Trousse is blowing my mind right now! This piece is about 40 years old and is absolutely extrodinary vintage condition! Originally designed as a travel bag for stylists, this piece is guaranteed to keep you organized on the go!


Exterior Condition: Just WOW. The canvas on this piece is looking excellent. The Monogram print is practically jumping off the bag. No cracking, edging, or threading. This piece is rocking that vintage Eclair hardware which is running super smooth.


Interior Condition: The inteiror has some very light day-to-day wear, but overall its looking fabulous. 


Date Code: Produced before the date code system was implemented; you can tell by the Eclair hardware that this vintage piece is coming to you from the late 70s or early 80s.

Louis Vuitton Vintage Trousse 28

SKU: Z00685

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