OMG. For real. OMG. The Epitome of shiny, sleek, black goodness? Yes please. The most popular style of wallet too! Shiny Epi Zippy! We've never had one of these before and don't know if we ever will again. 

Exterior Condition: Unbelievably good. The patent leather is clean and free of scuffs and marks. Barely even rubbed on the corners! The vernis is whole and of course there is no color transfer. Only wear is very minor peeling on the edges that you can hardly see! Hardware is a shiny silver too. 


Interior Condition: The interior is very clean with no obvious signs of wear. No peeling or stickiness anywhere to be seen! 


Date Code: CA1103 - Made in Spain, October of 2013.

Louis Vuitton Zippy Long Wallet in Black Epi Vernis Leather

SKU: Z02324