About us

- Weekly Lux Drop -

WLD is a dedicated family of creative, on trend and entertaining luxury brand experts and enthusiasts based in Japan. We love what we do and have fun doing it - we want to welcome you to join our family and learn, love and shop with us! Genuine and considerate interaction, you and your wishes matter.

Our mission is to give access to authentic Luxury Brand goods at extremely fair prices, to make good condition rare and vintage items available to those looking, and give 150% in customer service to ensure a satisfactory purchase every time. And have fun while we do it!

Our vision is to make the highest brands available to those who seek them, providing gently used hard to find and discontinued brand items, as well as providing the timeless classic pieces at the fairest prices around.

Join our platform of fun and luxury, whether it's the action packed video sales or just browsing to see if the love of your life appears. We like seasoned buyers just as much as fresh collectors, we should have what you need at the prices you want!