Kevin Vu

Kevin, a Los Angeles native, has been living in Japan for more than 8 years.

He's been rocking the luxury sales game for the last 6 years. While the sales game is deeply encoded into his genetic make-up, he's been on a mission to oversee the operations of WLD lately.

Fun Facts:

- A music enthusiast🎵

- His leisurely endeavors involve the Lakers & video games

- His hobby? Collecting hobbies 

Operations Manager


Sumi lives in Osaka with her husband and son. She was born in Osaka, her mother is from Osaka, her father is from Osaka, her grand parents... yes, you're right.

Fun Facts:

- Used to be a live seller until March 2021

- A forever-dieter with the biggest sweet tooth🍰

- Believes love is everything💖 Anything else comes second

- Motto: 'Where there is a will, there is a way'

Sumi's Instagram

Shipping Manager


We always receive many compliments from our customers about our shipping service. And Nao is the manager responsible for every single package that leaves our office! 

Fun Facts:

- A true foodie, passionate about Japanese cuisine 🍣

- Has been enjoying the life in this country for 3 years now. 

- Favorite item: A cool Gucci snake wallet (never leaves his side)



A true tall French guy who loves cheese with good bread, living in Japan for 5 years. 

Fun Facts:
- A proud Star Wars/Lord of the Rings nerd🛸🧙‍♂️ Wanna discuss about video games, sci-fy or fantasy for hours? He's your guy!

- Favorite brands : LV, Burberry

- Favorite items : Unisex crossbody bags, Burberry scarves

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Bridget is from Michigan, US and has lived in Japan for over 7 years.

Fan Facts:

- Music lover (her guilty pleasure is metal and K-pop!)

- A great cook🍴& an appreciator of many cultures

- A great one for fashion advice. When in need, she will be your personal fashion stylist💄

- Favorite item: Her Bottega Veneta wallet

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Kira is from Cape Town, South Africa. In Japan, she's busy selling luxury items to all you lux lovers! With golden retriever energy and a good eye, she is your go-to-gal!

Fun Facts:

- An avid reader of adventure/fantasy books📖 She has found herself on her own adventure!

-Favorite item: Any Chanel Perfume🧴

- A blog writer and an Instagram content creator of WLD.

If you see a fun-formational blog post, that's her work!

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