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10 Outrageously extravagant Louis Vuitton items we can't get enough of!

When it comes to LV's signature Monogram print, knockoffs and other companies definitely fall over each other to use it on whatever they can think of. Some of the craziest include: garbage bags, condoms, and even cars! What haven't we seen throughout the years!

It was even more surprising to realize that the French fashion house themselves had released its own share of unexpected and extravagant items since its foundation in 1854.

Louis Vuitton World Cup Soccer Ball

1. World Cup Soccer Ball

This ball-shaped bag is a limited edition collector's item from the luxury retailer and was initially created for the 1998 World Cup that took place in France. It wasn't the first time Louis Vuitton partnered with FIFA, they had previously created a monogrammed LV travel case for the World Cup trophy in South Africa in solid gold and they have been collaborating ever since.

Louis Vuitton LV Jenga set

2. LV Jenga set

In 2019, Louis Vuitton released its extravagant version of the classic Jenga game: instead of humble wooden blocks, this version is made of colorful plexiglass cubes featuring the LV Monogram. The price? You can relieve your childhood memories for just 3050$!

Louis Vuitton Puppet Hoodie

3. Puppet Hoodie

The French luxury brand got dragged on social media early this year over the debut of this item in the recent collection: a clownish navy blue hoodie adorned in multiple bright colored animal puppets at an eye-popping 7450$! Some were reminded of Lady Gaga's appearance on German TV in 2009, when she wore a jacket constructed entirely of Kermit the Frog puppets. Which one do you prefer?

Louis Vuitton LV Jumping Rope

4. LV Jumping Rope

These days, when people have little reason to get dressed in anything more than sweatpants, Louis Vuitton stepped up to launch a sporting goods line, targeting at home work enthusiasts. The fashion house put a new spin on this work out essential, dressing it up in dark, masculine Monogram Eclipse canvas: it can be yours for just a bit over 670$.

Louis Vuitton LV Escale Skim Board

5) LV Escale Skim Board

Ocean colored canvas pairs with a bright Monogram to give this skim board a hippie-chic vibe, evoking the surfer scenes of the 1960s and '70s. Whether you hit the waves with this beauty or keep it safe as a collector’s item on your wall, it’s bound to get some envious glances. It costs no less than 2070$, but it's already sold out in most stores.

Louis Vuitton LV Monogram Shaker

6) LV Monogram Shaker

For those of us who enjoy working out but do not want to give up on the occasional cocktail, Louis Vuitton has got you covered: earlier this year the French luxury brand released an upscale cocktail shaker in signature Monogrammed silver tone metal. LV Initials also adorn the lid, while a discreet Monogram Flower provides an additional House detail within the built-in strainer.

Steiff Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear

7) Steiff Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear

This teddy bear is considered to be the most expensive teddy bear in the world! Made by German toy manufacturer Steiff, it was sold at auction in Monaco for 2.1 million dollars. The reason for the crazy price? Its eyes were made with sapphires and diamonds, for many other details gold was used and, of course, it was completely dressed in Louis Vuitton Travel gear. Talk about a hard to get limited edition item!

Louis Vuitton Luxury Cricket Trunk

8) Custom Made Luxury Cricket Trunk

Designed in collaboration with captain of the Australian cricket team, Michael Clarke, this custom made luxury cricket trunk in sleek Damier Ebene canvas has enough room for bats, blazers and a Bose sound system. The estimated selling price of this one-of-a-kind trunk is 170,000$!

Louis Vuitton Foosball Table in Monogram

9) Foosball Table

Louis Vuitton delves in the world of games and leisure to produce this elegant Foosball table. Every aspect of its design reflects meticulous craftsmanship: its hand-painted players inspired by a 1912 LV illustration of a bellboy, the sleek handles covered in cowhide leather. This luxurious pastime can be yours for as little as 71,000$.

Louis Vuitton Virgil Abloh Eraser Necklace

10) Eraser Necklace

Created for the Fall/Winter 2021 Collection, this 810$ Louis Vuitton Eraser Necklace is expected to drop sometime this Summer. Designed by visionary creative director Virgil Abloh, it features a small box in classic LV Monogram canvas which holds what appears to be a functional white eraser on a silver tone chain. A unique pendant, indeed!

So many crazy products to be had! Would you ever have imagined that Louis Vuitton, out of all luxury retailers, would have released these? What do you think? Would you give them a chance or are they a little bit too extravagant for you? Let us know in the comments!


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