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Crazy about LV: 10 Louis Vuitton Loving Celebrities and Why They Can't Quit the Brand

When it comes to luxury brands, one brand has reigned for decades as the ultimate celebrity status symbol: Louis Vuitton. The house’s signature brown monogram has been a staple among celebrities and socialites alike: the timeless appeal of LV's designs and its aura of exclusivity has been captivating everyone's hearts (and wallets!) for decades.

So it's no wonder that every celebrity out there wants to own a little piece of monogrammed luxury: here are a few such lucky celebrities that have both the wealth and the fortune, and a strong love for Louis Vuitton to boot!

Madonna With Louis Vuitton Bag


Not only was she was the face of Louis Vuitton in 2009, she even has a bag named after her! The summer of that year LV released the Ltd. Kalahari Madonna GM Bag, additionally named after the famous Kalahari desert in sub-Saharan Africa.


Madonna with Louis Vuitton limited Kalahari GM Bag

She was one of Marc Jacob's muses while he was at Louis Vuitton and he directed her photo shoots for the 2009 campaign. She's worn custom LV pieces on the red carpet numerous times, and has been captured by paparazzi carrying the 'Pulp Weekender' in many public appearances.

She additionally wears the brand's fashions and accessories privately, and has posted pictures on her personal Social media accounts where she shows off some Monogram printed clothes.

Angelina Jolie for Louis Vuitton Core Values

Angelina Jolie

She may have been seen sporting the occasional Fendi or Valentino purse, but actress and activist Angelina Jolie is almost never out in public without an iconic Louis Vuitton bag by her side.

Angelina Jolie with Louis Vuitton x Louboutin Collaboration Iconoclast Tote

From comfy tote classics such as the Cabas series (she owns all sizes!) to more youthful and edgy fashion pieces like the Louis Vuitton x Louboutin Collaboration Iconoclast Tote, she's apparently acquired an extensive collection of different Vuitton pieces.

Last but not least she was one of many stars photographed by Annie Leibovitz for the Louis Vuitton 'Core Values' Ad campaign in 2011.

Rihanna with Louis Vuitton Monogram Soccer ball bag


A definite style icon, Rihanna wears a lot of new and hype pieces from almost every top designer house out there. Her choices for Louis Vuitton are both colorful and rare.


Rihanna with Limited edition Louis Vuitton transparent Keepall
She has posed with multiple statement bags both out and about and on the red carpet, such as the Alma BB in Damier Ebene, Monogram Soccer ball bag, a limited edition transparent Keepall Bandouliere as well as sunglasses and unique runway fashion pieces.

Paris Hilton and Kim Cardashian sporting Louis Vuitton Miroir Alma bags

Paris Hilton

Probably the first celebrity to be famous mostly for her wealth, Paris was a constant presence in popular media, appearing on TV and in magazines regularly. And she never hesitated to flash brands all through her starlet years during the early 2000s.

She definitely likes things shiny, colorful and limited, carrying bags from the Louis Vuitton miroir and multicolor Monogram collections, and most memorably she wore a Multicolor Monogram Bikini.
Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie with Louis Vuitton bags
Now that she has stepped back from the spotlight a little, she still maintains her long lasting love relationship with Louis Vuitton. Recently she posted herself working out by lifting her LV luxury bags in a joke post on her social media.

Elle Faninng with Louis Vuitton luggage

Elle Fanning

This youthful fashion forward Hollywood Newbie may be young, but se has a definite sense of style. She carries a lot of the more classic Vuitton pieces like the Speedy Bandouliere, Keepall and keeps her luggage safe in the Pegase.

Elle Fanning with Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere

Despite this apparent preference for the classics, Elle has been seen occasionally carrying newer, trendy designs, but even then she keeps to the more neutral colors. She's worn custom Louis Vuitton designs on the red carpet and routinely attends their Fashion Shows.

David and Victioria Beckham in Louis Vuitton

David and Victoria Beckham

It may not come as a surprise that Victoria, who has her own fashion label and was known as 'Posh' during her pop-star years, is super into high end luxury bags. Both Beckhams carry Louis Vuitton items on the daily, and their kids have been seen wearing items in signature Monogram as well as from the Supreme collaboration line.
David Beckham in Louis Vuitton

David also isn't shy of traveling in style, he's been spotted in airports with a matching set of Monogram luggage pieces, and carrying documents and daily necessities in different styles of LV.

Tyga in Louis Vuitton


Recently street style and music have been making it big in popular culture, and rap artist Tyga represents a younger generation of LV fans. Flexing brands and visible patterns of luxury brands have been a huge hit with the more edgy crowd and the classic Louis Vuitton Monogram is no exception.
Tyga in Louis Vuitton Monogram
He boasts of a collection of Monogramouflage clothing, recently released bags and accessories. One of his most memorable fashion related appearances he wore the Monogram canvas jacket designed by Virgil Abloh.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon with Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM
This bubbly and long time popular actress is often seen carrying some more casual pieces, such as the classic Noe in Red Epi Leather and the Monogram Neverfull GM. She also follows the times and got herself a W Purse, as well as extremely cute Soft Lockit and Capucines totes, both in hot hot pink and worthy of her legendary character Elle Woods of 'Legally Blonde'!

Reese Witherspoon with Louis Vuitton W bag
She's appeared on the red carpet wearing custom Louis Vuitton designs. For a star who's been on the cover of Vogue multiple times, this fashionista is sure to know what's hot.

Cardi B in Louis Vuitton

Cardi B

No stranger to both mainstream and social media, Cardi B has become a fashion icon in the last few years. Boldly wearing flattering Monogram print in new and fun ways, she's monogrammed her hair, fuzzy slippers, and even a whole classy suit with a matching beret in the LV signature look!

Cardi B with Louis Vuitton On the Go
She has a lot of custom Louis Vuitton fashion pieces, original styles and even a set of luxurious Monogram Pajamas. Casually she's also been seen carrying the On-The-Go Tote and matching her Monogram manicures to her purses.

Princess Diana with Louis Vuitton Toiletry 26

Lady Diana Spencer

Iconic fashion royalty and style pioneer, Diana was famous for her selections of the classiest and highest brand fashions. Of course she accessorized to match! She had a definite preference for Louis Vuitton and was seen sporting the brand on multiple occasions.

Most famously she made the Toiletry 26 the must have item of the 1980s, and it still lives on as a sought after and iconic accessory piece today.

We have given a look to all the different ways today's celebs like to wear their LVs but if you could freely choose, which Louis Vuitton pieces would you get? Which Celebrity style do you identify with the most?
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