From music to fashion How K-pop Has influenced Luxury Brands

From music to fashion How K-pop Has influenced Luxury Brands

In the world of luxury fashion everything comes and goes. This includes the faces that represent them. We have seen a significant transformation over the years; In the past, Hollywood actors and MTV Singers dominated the advertisements of the luxury world. Though today, the times have changed. Now social media has become the main influence for the current generation. Social media networks are the go-to platforms for luxury brands to showcase their advertising. In recent years, K-pop has become one of the main influences in the fashion and music industries. Due to the massive global fanbase, K-pop stars have emerged as leading influencers and brand ambassadors for luxury houses, bridging the gap between music and haute couture. Let us dive more into how K-pop has influenced the fashion industry and helped them reach their audience goals.

Through collaboration with K-pop stars, fashion brands have found immense value. The best example of this is BTS. They became a huge global sensation with millions of followers who are referred to as their ‘Army’. The BTS Army comes from all corners of the world. Dior took advantage of this and started sponsoring them with specially designed clothes for their concerts and tours. Shortly after, BTS was asked to represent Louis Vuitton in a similar way.

J-Hope with Monogram Keepall Louis Vuitton CampaignThey can be seen modeling for Louis Vuitton campaigns and advertisements around the world and on the internet. The partnership proved a remarkable success, drawing younger consumers to the brand and elevating BTS’s members' status as fashion icons.

The inclusion of BTS into any product's marketing sphere has proven time and time again to only yield positive results. Once while member Jung Kook was streaming video and interacting with fans, he was seen drinking Teazen’s Kombucha. The following week Teazen’s sales rocketed by 500%, leading to the drink being sold out everywhere. Jung Kook himself mentioned during his next live sale that he couldn’t buy the drink anymore due to it being sold out. Not only did this happen once but it has happened a few times. Including a pair of Prada Boots which became unavailable on the website after one of the members of BTS was seen wearing them. Bizarrely, even a type of coffin used in a recent Music video has seen positive sales as a result of BTS’ involvement. This just shows the power they have and why it is important for luxury brands to start incorporating K-pop stars into their repertoire of marketing Ambassadors.

Blackpink girls and Luxury BrandsBTS is not the only K-pop group to affect sales. Blackpink is also a force to be reckoned with. They are one of the most influential K-pop girl groups of our time. They have left their mark on fashion history with each member being sought out by various luxury brands. Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rose have all had individual collaborations with luxury labels such as Dior, Chanel, YSL, Tiffany & Co., and Céline. Dior has gone as far as creating a personal, one-of-a-kind gown for Jisoo's first single ‘Flowers’. There was a youtube video that came out with Dior explaining the design of the dress to Jisoo, as a music video trailer teaser and to help promote Dior. It was a success for all. Their striking fashion sense and distinct styles have transformed Blackpink into fashion muses, Inspiring millions of fans worldwide to try to recreate each of their styles.

Felix (Stray Kids') posing for ELLE sponsored by Louis VuittonStraykids everywhere all around the world”. This statement could not be more true. With their rise to fame recently Straykids are now entering the luxury fashion world. It started when they were seen in their music videos with all the members starting to wear luxury brands. It then continued to member Felix being invited to the Louis Vuitton fashion cruise show in Italy, and recently named a brand ambassador. Hyunjin being named the ambassador for Versace. This would mark Versace’s foray into the K-pop phenomenon recognizing the impact of the genre on fashion and luxury. If the iconic Italian luxury house is following the trend it shows no discouragement of their influence.

Not only Hyunjin but many other K-pop stars have been appointed as global ambassadors for many luxury brands. There have also been recent rumors of Leader Bang Chan being sponsored by Givenchy. What do you think!?


Hyujin with Versace Merchandise

By appointing K-pop stars as global ambassadors of luxury fashion, it shows that the brand has taken a significant step towards change and inclusivity of diversity. This trend has the potential to boost not only sales but strengthen brand engagement among a diverse audience. The rise in the music and fashion world has been a game changer, mixing the two industries has been extremely delightful. Various design houses have recognized the influential power K-pop has on a global scale. As a fan of K-pop myself, witnessing this evolution is truly captivating and inspiring. Not only does it celebrate new change, but also expresses the beauty of inclusivity. I am excited to see where this takes us in the future. What are your thoughts on the matter? And if you don’t know some of these K-pop groups, I highly recommend you to go see what the fuss is about.

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