Louis Vuitton Chocolates for Valentine's Day 2024

Louis Vuitton Chocolates for Valentine's Day 2024

You have the right to ask for the best chocolates for Valentine's day !
Your loved one will unfortunately have to travel to Paris or to the Courchevel Ski Resort in France to get them as these are the 2 only places where the Valentine Special L-V- chocolates made by Maxime Frédéric will be sold !

What on the menu ?
- The "SweetHeart Coffret": 5 heart-shaped chocolates filled with almond paste and pistachio. (45€ / $48)
- The "SweetHeart Guimauves": 6 Vivienne-shaped marshmallows coated with dark and milk chocolate. (25€ / $27)


The "Coffret Vivienne" ! A 1.15kg (2.53lb) chocolate creation shaped like Vivienne, the L-V mascot, on a chocolate trunk. BUT WAIT ! Thanks to a set of gears and keys, also made of chocolate, Vivienne can rotate by herself ! Isn't it crazy ?
Only 250€ / $269 for this marvel of creativity and chocolate engineering !
I was honestly thinking it would be way more than that !

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