Louis Vuitton Mens Spring/Summer 2025: Classic Bags Reimagined

Louis Vuitton Mens Spring/Summer 2025: Classic Bags Reimagined

Pharrell Williams presented the Louis Vuitton men's Spring/Summer 2025 collection on June 18, 2024, at La Maison de l’UNESCO in Paris. The showcase reintroduced iconic Louis Vuitton bags with contemporary designs, colors, and patterns. Drawing inspiration from the Maison's archives and the brands rich travel legacy, Williams curated a collection that skillfully juxtaposed tradition with innovation.

Despite being a spring/summer collection, the presentation opened with a series of dark-colored bags, prominently featuring black as a central theme. This transitioned into a reinterpretation of the iconic monogram pattern, followed by a finale showcasing vibrant bags adorned with the house's distinctive checkered pattern, damier (multicolor).

Notably, Pharrell infused a new perspective into the concept of "SLG" (Small Leather Goods), presenting pieces in the classic monogram print accompanied by bronze key chains engraved with 'Soft Leather Goods'. In this collection, we see a theme of their classic bags being reimagined in modern styles. Let's take a look at the brand's classic bags featured in this runway show and analyze how they have been reimagined.

Different variations of the Speedy bag made multiple appearances on the runway. The brand has crafted numerous iterations of the Speedy bag since its debut. In this collection, the bag was presented in diverse colors, sizes, and materials. One particularly striking design featured a croc skin version, where even the handles were adorned with textured leather. This design was truly a stand-out. Typically, bag designs focus on the body, often leaving the handles unchanged or simply altering their color, so this innovative approach was refreshing to witness. The bag maintained a cohesive look despite its varied dimensions due to the color contrast. This minimalist yet creative enhancement elevated the bag's design.

Another notable theme observed in this collection was the deliberate darkening of the vachetta leather. The Montsouris showcased vachetta leather that had acquired a darker patina. Many collectors favor purchasing preloved Louis Vuitton bags for the seasoned appearance of the vachetta, which gives the bag distinctive character. Additionally, vachetta finishing was introduced to the hem of the pocket flap, a departure from the original designs that lacked this feature. The front pocket was transformed from a single elongated pocket to two separate compartments, enhancing the bag's resemblance to a backpack or school bag. Further details included pleating on the pocket flap, neon "your name" print on the canvas, and an LV “SLG” bag charm, collectively contributing to the collection's aesthetic refinement.

The highly regarded Noé bag was a standout piece in this collection, and its reimagined design was executed flawlessly. The addition of a front pocket was a significant enhancement, offering greater organizational space alongside the main compartment. The dimensions and placement of the front pocket complemented the bag exceptionally well. Another innovative feature was the drawstring closure, equipped with a cord lock mechanism, which facilitates effortless access and closure compared to traditional leather strings. This design eliminates the need for tying and untying knots. The bag features two strap handles: a shorter one with detachable D-hooks for handheld use as a handbag, and an adjustable longer strap for crossbody wear. Clearly, the bag is designed with versatility and ease of use in mind.

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull was notably featured in this collection, marking a departure from its traditional association primarily as a women's shoulder bag. In this men's collection, it was confidently worn as an underarm bag, demonstrating versatility that defies conventional gender norms. This styling choice underscored the notion that fashion is less about the garment itself and more about how it is worn. Additionally, in line with the darkened vachetta theme, the strap color complemented the enlarged monogram print admirably, further enhancing the bag's aesthetic appeal.

Traditionally known as an all-in-one travel bag, the rhinestone Keepall in this collection redefines its purpose, transforming it into a luxurious accessory for special occasions. The designer presented a stunning statement Keepall adorned with rhinestone monogram details and accented with seasoned vachetta. True to the versatility of most Keepall designs, it can be carried as a handbag or worn crossbody.

Pharrell demonstrated an exceptional focus on the details of the bags, reimagining classic Louis Vuitton bags and fully launching the Soft Leather Goods lineup.

Other standout pieces included the Nile, Luxe shopping bag, and the grocery bag. We have curated a photo gallery to showcase the iconic pieces from the collection.

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