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Real or not: 10 Unforgettable Louis Vuitton Moments in Our Favorite Movies

Louis Vuitton has been long regarded as one of the world's most recognizable status symbols, and as such, it has often adorned stars on the silver screen as to show just how rich and powerful their character is.

Here's few of such Louis Vuitton's iconic movie appearances: let's see how many you can remember!

The Darjeeling Limited Louis Vuitton collaboration

1. The Monogram luggage set in The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

This movie is special in that it actually has a custom set of LV luggage. The set was made especially for the movie, in collaboration with director Wes Anderson.

These luggage pieces do not adorn the classic Monogram print, but instead feature animals and trees on a tan canvas, as well as initials and a series of numbers. The set included a Nile Crossbody, a Keepall Bandouliere, a briefcase, three hardside suitcases and one travel trunk piece.

Louis Vuitton Keepall from Death becomes her

2. The Keepall from Death Becomes Her (1992)

Many of you may not have heard of the 1992 star-studded horror-comedy 'Death Becomes Her'. Meryl Streep stars as the affluent and rich Madeline Ashton, and is seen carrying around what appears to be a Keepall Bandouliere. Later in the movie, we can also spot a vintage Monogram suitcase in the hands of Bruce Willis' character, Dr. Ernest Menville, when attempting to leave his home for good.

However, upon closer inspection the bag sports vachetta corners and base protectors! Were these actually authentic Louis Vuitton bags? It is still a mystery to today!


louis vuitton suitcases from the Hangover 2

3. LV luggage in The Hangover II (2011)

This movie actually sparked controversy as Louis Vuitton filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros Studios over the appearance of what look like LV luggage and duffel bag pieces belonging to the character Alan, played by Zach Galifianakis.

On closer inspection the bags that appear in the movie are actually Monogram inspired pieces that are not actually real Vuitton bags.


Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) holding a Murakami cherry blossom Pochette Accessoires

4. The Murakami cherry blossom Pochette Accessoires from Mean Girls (2004)

This legendary movie is beloved both by fashionistas and film connoisseurs alike, the story of how transfer student Cady Heron (depicted by Lindsay Lohan) gets seduced into the school's popular girls' clique by queen bee Regina George (played by Rachel McAdams) while learning how to navigate the American's school system.

The movie is not only famous for its plethora of memorable quotes, but the girls' looks are still considered iconic by many today. Particularly unforgettable was the pink LV Murakami cherry blossom Pochette Accessoires sported by the one and only Regina George.


Samantha with a Motard Firebird on Sex And The City

5. The 'Motard Firebird' from the Sex And The City Movie (2008)

When talking about Sex and the City, it's very hard to count how many times have Louis Vuitton pieces appeared in the hands of the four protagonists: Samantha especially isn't afraid to sport some of the brand's most unusual accessories through the series (anyone, remember the LV visor?),

But perhaps the most memorable Sex and the City x Vuitton moment was when Carrie Bradshaw gifted her assistant Louise from St. Louis her first Louis: the 'Motard Firebird', a highly polarizing design that was the artistic lovechild of photographer Richard Prince and then-creative director Marc Jacobs. Still a confusing bag choice for many!

Louis Vuitton trunks in Coming to America

6. LV vintage luggage in Coming to America (1988)

This legendary comedy from 1988 movie stars Eddie Murphy as Prince Akeem, who travels to Queens, NYC in search of a marriage partner. And befitting a prince, he travels with carts upon carts of Louis Vuitton luggage pieces, which promptly gets pilfered as soon as they land on the seedy street where they are to live.

These luggage pieces appear to be actually authentic LV!


A view to kill - Louis Vuitton luggage

7. More Louis Vuitton luggage in James Bond - A View to a Kill (1985)

There no one as legendary a character as Mr. Bond himself, and in Roger Moore's last portrayal as the British 007 spy, he poses as a wealthy horse stable heir.

To make the agent's cover even more credible, he is provided a full set of LV luggage in the iconic Monogram and even a Trousse 23 for his toiletries!


Audrey Hepburn (Regina Lampert) in Charade with Stratos Valises and Monogram Vintage Steamer Bag

8. The Monogram Steamer Bag in Charade (1963)

This beautiful 1963 suspense/romance stars Audrey Hepburn as Regina Lampert, a wealthy widow of an alleged thief.

She carries her belongings in a gorgeous set of Stratos Valises as well as a Monogram Vintage Steamer Bag. The clothes she wears in this film are stunning, which comes as no surprise as many of them are Givenchy designer pieces. Truly a timeless icon of style!


Penelope Cruz Nine Louis Vuitton

9. Even more LV luggage in Nine (2009)

The stunning Penelope Cruz appears in this movie as Carla Albanese, the mistress of a famed Italian Director. The film is a visual feast, and the costumes are gorgeously made.

Carla's sense of style is flamboyant and her luggage is of course an iconic set of Monogram Pieces, including a Boîte Chapeau Hat case and a beautiful Nice Cosmetics Case.


Louis Vuitton Capucines in Disney's Cruella

10. The Capucines Bag from Cruella (2021)

The most recent addition on this list, the 2021 Disney film dives into the backstory of the long despised fur-loving villain, Cruella De Vil, originally a character from the 1961 One Hundred and One Dalmatians animated movie.

She rises up through the Fashion world as a young woman, growing up became the fur-obsessed villainess in the future. . Throughout the movie actress Emma Stone is seen carrying Vuitton pieces, including a Capucines Bag designed exclusively for the movie.


Of course, Louis Vuitton being the fashion house it is today has appeared as a brand in many more movies and TV series that we could not even dare to try to count! We are sure we overlooked a lot of minor appearances, but these were some of our favorite ever!

Did your favorite Louis Vuitton movie moment make the list? Tell us in the comments!
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