Sometimes More is Less - Blake Lively and Tiffany at the Super Bowl

Sometimes More is Less - Blake Lively and Tiffany at the Super Bowl

In the aftermath of the Super Bowl, where the Chiefs and Taylor Swift grabbed hearts, Blake Lively emerged as the ultimate show-stealer. Arriving in an oversized red Balenciaga X Adidas tracksuit, she not only showed her style but also her dazzling Tiffany collection worth almost half a million dollars. Proving you can never have enough Tiffany. 
Blake elevated her style to the max. She stacked both wrists with a total of 14 bracelets, 2 pairs of earrings and 4 necklaces.  

Blake Lively and Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl

Her necklaces alone came up to $158,500. She leveled up herself with a $18,500 Graduated Link Necklace, a $78,000 Diamond Pavé Necklace, and a $62,000 Yellow Gold Bold Graduated Link Necklace. 
The earrings were a mix of simple and statement-making designs. She paired platinum Tiffany Solitaire Diamond Earrings $1,650 with Gold Elsa Peretti Snake Earrings $4,000, possibly a subtle nod to her besties Taylor Swift's "Reputation" album. 

Blake Lively at the Super Bowl

She then dazzled a series of chunky bracelets, including the Elsa Peretti Swirl Cuff $12,300, Elsa Peretti Gold Doughnut Bangle $29,000, and in Sterling Silver the Diamond-encrusted Lock Bangle Yellow Gold $40,000, as well as White Gold $16,000. The collection also featured the Tiffany T Square Bangle $7,800, Tiffany T T1 Wide Hinged Bangle $7,500, and two Diamond versions—one worth $27,000 and the other at $39,000. 

While yellow gold dominated, she didn't forget about white gold and silver bracelets. The pieces included the While Gold Lock Bangle with Diamonds $42,000, Half Pavé Diamonds White Gold $17,000, Elsa Peretti Doughnut Bangle Sterling Silver $1,825 and a Double Row Bracelet in White Gold with Diamonds $54,000. 

Blake Lively and Taylor Swift cheering at Super Bowl

Even with her changing the way we style our jewelry, Blake maintained simplicity giving her an elevated casual look, a style to be remembered. Blake Lively not only captured attention but also set a new standard for luxury fashion with her mesmerizing Tiffany collection, sometimes more is less. 

Blake Lively selfie at the Super Bowl field
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