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​Purchase incredible pre-loved items. 100% authentic, fast shipping.

You can register for an account . This way, when you’re ready to purchase, all your information will be ready and you can check out with one click!

We host Live Video Sales every week. You will find:


  • Rare and great condition items 

  • Good prices compared to the market

  • A chance to interact with the sellers to see any details on our items / ask any questions 

  • chance to chat with other people that have the same passion for bags!

You can watch it on our Facebook Page. 

Browse through a catalog to buy

Have fun shopping & chatting with the seller and customers:

Have amazing items on your social media feeds:

How to buy VS


  • Items are not available before the sale starts, they will not appear in the catalog

  • You can see the complete list with pictures and descriptions once the item becomes available.

  • The items are only available for a limited time at the discounted prices


  • Before the item you want becomes available we will show it to you in detail 

  • Once the item becomes available, it's your chance to buy it (You may have to refresh the catalog page to see any updates)! 

3. BUY

  • Check pictures and details before purchasing. Love it? Add it to your cart!

  • You can pay either with PayPal or your Credit Card

  • Shipping is FREE and trackable

4. ​relax!

  • we will ship within 2-3 business days. 


  • All of our items are shipped with tracking and insurance, and our job is not done until the item is safely in your hands.

  • Enjoy!

WLD is not responsible for any customs duties or taxes that may be charged on orders shipped to the United States and other countries. These charges are levied by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency and are the responsibility of the buyer.

Customs duties and taxes vary by country and are dependent on the value of the order and the type of products being shipped. We recommend that you check with your local customs office for information on any duties or taxes that may be applicable to your order.

Please be aware that failure to pay any applicable customs duties or taxes may result in delays in the delivery of your order. We cannot be held responsible for any such delays or for any additional fees that may be charged as a result.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

How to buy - SNS

WLD’s team sellers also have items available outside of the video sales. To view these items, we have a page on Facebook, a Facebook group and an Instagram page. Our team posts up multiple items daily at great prices.

On social media, sales are conducted 1 on 1, invoices are issued through Paypal and items are shipped by FedEx or DHL.


All item descriptions and photos are available to you both in posting form as well as privately if you wish.

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